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Tony's Pizza YouTube advert

YouTube advertises itself with pizza trickery

The Tony’s Pizza ad by YouTube is a clever way to show off its own value as an advertising medium, with a watchable video that works.

Benedict Cumberpatch does the ice bucket challenge

Search trends prove the ice bucket challenge worked

Google search trends show that the ice bucket challenge has massively increased awareness for ALS and MND in less than a month. But not everyone likes it.

Wolf in sheep's clothing

Beware of tools that break data protection laws

Publicising people’s personal email addresses without their permission is a clear breach of UK Data Protection Law. Be wary of third party CRM tools.

Twitter logo with bird

How to use keyboard shortcuts on Twitter

You can speed up your use of Twitter by learning these simple keyboard shortcuts – removing the need to click through menus.


Do rude logos happen by accident? That’s a phallusy

Logos that look like a penis, vagina or a uterus – are they intentional or just an error of judgement? Have a look at some and decide for yourself.

bouncy springs

SEO: Don’t confuse bounce rates with bounces

What Google is looking for is quality pages that are relevant to searcher intent. It wants to present results that match what people are looking for. If a searcher sees your website in the results and clicks through, this is a signal to Google that your result was at least enough to attract a click. But if the user clicks back to Google within a couple of seconds, this could tell Google that they didn’t like what they saw,

Google logo with EU flag

How to use Google’s search removal request form

Google has introduced a form for EU subjects to ask for content to be removed from Google, if it is irrelevant, outdated or inappropriate. Read more.

Password hell

Making the case for user-friendly passwords

The point of choosing and saving a password on any site is part of the user experience. Don’t leave this functionality to your developer, who often thinks of security first, user experience second.

Perodic Table by Chris Lake

Turning the periodic tables on marketing

The Periodic Table of Elements, created by Dmitri Mendeleev, is probably the most famous and infographic in history. Since it was published in 1869, the Table of Elements has been a feature of science labs and classrooms in schools all over the world. We’ve grown up with it, but only recently has this infographic taken on a new lease of life.


Are you about to lose your domain name?

In January 2014, ICANN introduced new rules for domain registrars that means all domain owners now must periodically validate their emails to prove they are the rightful owners of domains.

How to delete Analytics property

How to delete a property from Google Analytics

Find out how to delete a property from Google Analytics, or transfer an account from one person to another.


See who posted to your Facebook page

If you create a page and you have multiple administrators, now you will be able to see, on any post, which administrator created that post.

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